Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I'm incredibly embarrassed, because more than 6 months ago I indicated that I would be adding more posts/recipes, and I have FAILED to do so! I got all wrapped up in my internship and finishing grad school, but I am officially DONE. Since I graduated (the day before Thanksgiving), I traveled back to Alaska for 6 weeks, came back to Hawaii, and have been sitting around getting my ducks in order for my HI Teaching License and looking for a job. It's awkward to be a teacher looking for a job in the middle of the school year, for the record. I may have to substitute until schools are hiring for next fall. Time will tell.

That being said, I planned on adding to my blog today while I'm unemployed, and I looked at my photos and realized I haven't really taken any pictures of the food I've been cooking lately! OH MY! I plan on remedying that today. Tonight I'm making Korean beef, so I'll add that tomorrow, and I'll work on taking photos of the dinners I cook so I can dazzle you all with my skills ASAP.

Until then...

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